What do you need to know or do if you are already dating or intend to date a high end girl in London? What to expect and how to cope when you are dating a high end girl in London.


London is a place that has variety of people from different cultures and countries. There you find a fine mixture of girls from different parts of the world. Try going to different bars at different times of the week and see how many different girls you get to meet in a week. Where to go shouldn’t be a problem since there are many awesome places to visit in London. And hanging out in new places helps you get out of your comfort zone and puts you a bit more out there for a chance to meet and hook up with that special girl.

How would you know if she is a high end girl?

High end girls are beautiful, posh, intelligent and sophisticated and they are everywhere in London; they are usually found to be in the borough’s of Chelsea and Knightsbridge. They look gorgeous, wear expensive designer clothes, drive new and expensive models of cars, live in expensive neighborhoods, go on vacation to the most exotic locations and are generally seen as girls with class. They have mastered the art of packaging and presenting themselves in a way as to attract only rich men however here is where you must be aware that some high end girls support themselves by being very expensive high class escorts, specially in Knightsbridge.

To most men, dating a high end girl is a challenge and a matter of prestige. The problem is being able to cope with her demands and high expectations; she will certainly drain your wallet and bank account(recognize the types of girls) or if she has to support you then you can say goodbye to your manhood. High end girls need money to fund and maintain their lifestyles. So, if you are broke, you have no business wanting to date a high end London girl. But, you can still try these few guidelines.

Be honest, transparent and prepared for rejection

This may sound crazy, but it’s true. Most girls value a man’s honesty. She may be a high end girl but she is human and has a heart. Telling her lies is like building a sand castle on the beach that will collapse sooner than later. You don’t need to pretend to be who you are not.

Of course you hope for the best but you need to be prepared for the worse case scenario. If she does not find you attractive you should move on. But if you scale through the first date and she gets comfortable around you, and then you can take it to the next level. But if she does not, well, at least you were prepared for her rejection.

Put your best foot forward

This doesn’t mean that you should start something you cannot finish. If you start by impressing her with gifts, meals in expensive restaurants or taking her to exotic places, you should be prepared to continue that way. Be yourself basically. Once you two start dating, you just need to make her understand how much you care for her and try your best to provide for her needs.

High end girls can be quite demanding and expensive to maintain but you can do those little things that are important but do cost so much money. Make her laugh, cook meals at home rather than go out to expensive restaurants, stay indoors just to talk to her, spend quality time with her. Find out what she likes and encourage her to follow her dreams.

Look presentable

You may not be able to afford expensive clothes, cars or a mansion but embarrassing her with a wacky sense of dressing won’t get you far. You may get to meet her friends and family sometime and even if you are not rich, you can still dress to impress. Bring on the swag and the charm.

Make her fall in love with you

Show her affection in public. A woman that loves you will not place demands on you that are beyond your capability. Who knows, she may decide to tone down her lifestyle for your sake. However, do not try to change her. It is a choice she has to make for herself.

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The exclusive and posh district of Mayfair is known for hosting discreet expensive adult entertainment; does anything go or are there carefully guarded secrets?

ST-James-club-01 High End Strippers and Escorts

Highlighting the parts of Mayfair’s gentlemen’s clubs that are not often talked about.

Mayfair fondly referred to as the Venice of the north due to the fact that it is built on the most expensive pieces of land in Londonand surrounded by properties owned by diplomats from around the world. In the district of Mayfair are various exciting and surprising discreet gentlemen’s clubs, such as the Gaslight Club.  High class escort agencies offer model like escorts posing provocatively on discreet websites at eye wateringly high prices. From the normal night clubs, to Stringfellow’s strip clubs to the high end Casino’s where millions are made and lost, Mayfair’s entertainment district is a place where anything is obtainable. For your average men and women girls beckoning on passers-by from their windows maybe something exciting found in cities like Amsterdam however Mayfair’s district is famous all over the world for providing entertainment that comes with a huge price tag and of course it’s all extremely discreet.

Impossibly Beautiful & Very Expensive Mayfair Escorts

There are a variety escort agencies, gentlemen’s clubs and nightclub in Mayfair that offer this service. If you are a visitor and you need a companion, a call girl, an independent escort, models or escort services. Their job is to follow you home or to your hotel room and fulfil your adult fantasies. These services do not however, come cheap. So, you need to be prepared for the fees you will have to pay to enjoy the services. Some strip clubs do not let their girl out of the premises, so, customers just have to make arrangement with them for this service. And the charges are based on what you want and who you want.

Live Strip shows

Some Mayfair’s strip clubs are famous for their live erotic night shows. This offer is for those who do not wish to take a girl home but still desire to have that thrill. You will have to load your wallet in order pay the entrance fee as well as to watch these live shows with strippers performing little tricks on stage to couples making out on stage. Most of the clubs offer shows that make you feel like you are in the theatre with less audience interaction.

Swingers clubs

These are for those who came with their partners and intend to explore new experiences. Swinger clubs in Mayfair charge entrance fees based on whether it is a couple, a single man or woman or people with similar interests who wish to engage themselves in some fun adult activities. If you need some extra fun and would like to go through a new night sensual experience, the swingers clubs are perfect for that and they are also some of the best kept secrets in Mayfair.

There is no doubt that Mayfair is known for its colourful nightlife and several strip clubs. It is a hot tourist destination for those who want to experience something new or a favourite pastime. It is also a place where your secret fantasies can come true. Remember to be careful and alert no matter the temptation to let the sensual feast dull the senses.

A word of warning about Taxi scam

As a visitor to your less known London night clubs, you should anticipate the “taxi scam”. The owners or managers of nightclubs make deals with cab drivers to bring customers to their door step. They do this even if their club is not the best one around and it is important to note that clubs, just as all other forms of entertainment, have differing qualities. These clubs offer various night entertainments to their numerous visitors from around the globe. But if you have the address of a particular street, road or club you intend to go to, you may want to avoid any arguments or confrontations with cab drivers and just tell them where you wish for them to take you.